I was asked to participate in a lovley artproject by my good friend Annabelle Hartmann and “A Secret Club”

I received 6-8 pieces of collage material from another artist and then created a collage using these pieces on the theme “stars”

The exhibition was held in Århus, Denmark and a wonderful Zine with the whole collection was made. You can get it from


General Magnus is reflecting on his strategy in the battle of life.




An angel


I’ve made a house angel, a peaceful figure to hang on the wall or put on a shelf, windowsill or drawer. I guess you recognize Mr Dalai Lama. You can order one from Central Illustration agencys shop. <a href="</p>

Weekly shopping

I have tried it myself, 5 “quick” recepies and ingredients delivered to my door on monday afternoon. After an hour of cooking the kitchen looks like we’ve had a party and the whole family is very hungry and it’s late…A sneak preview of an illustration that hasn’t yet been printed. The latest is always the greatest!